WhyYou Should Become an Agent

Here at Sunshine Life and Health Advisors we offer what we like to call the “Green Carpet Experience”.  We enjoy experiencing the growth of our agents, so we cater to their needs by having them focus on their work while we take some of the more tedious items off their To-Do Lists.  Some of what we offer includes:


Top Level Commission

 Our independent agents earn top street level commission — same as if they go direct to the carrier.


 Not only do we give the bonuses the carriers offer, but we are also giving agency bonuses on top. (up to $11,500)

Lead Program

 The agency is able to sell in multiple states and seek out the best lead sources as well as creating leads to share with the agent population. We use top notch technology to track progress and capture a high closing ratio.

The Green T-Shirt

 The green t-shirts have been mentioned by 50 different national publications as the staples of ACA/OBAMACARE enrollment, especially with the Hispanic community. Wearing one of these makes you a beacon in the community and essentially a walking billboard.

Agency Building Support

 If you have aspirations of having your own agency and having agents work under you, we can you assist you and make it happen for you.

Training & Development

 Sunshine Life and Health does not leave their agents on an island, but rather offers training programs on products and selling techniques. We also bring in Carrier executives for optimal learning opportunities.

Free Enrollment Platforms

 The faster and more efficient you can enroll, the better you can improve your business and the clients. With the training regiment and our enrollment platforms, clients will be happy when they are fully enrolled in less than 20 minutes.


 Striving to bring more earning power, couples with facilitating clients needs, the CRM (customer relationship manager) helps capture data in order to analyze coverage gaps and necessities certain clients have. This is where this aspect and service SLHA provides is crucial to be a full servicing agent and succeed to your full potential.

Business Card Templates

 Just put your name and information and take a quick snapshot and your business cards are ready for you. SLHA has taken care of the design part.

Retail Agent Opportunities

 Sunshine Life and Health are the pioneers of the retail enrollment centers, and we always have multiple locations year round.

Marketing Initiatives

 We are always trying to stay ahead of the curve with a proactive approach to our communities wherever we have a footprint and by creating lasting campaigns that help our agents be successful.

TV, Radio & Print Ad Campaigns

 No one in the industry advertises like we do. We cover many different mediums including: radio, television, newspaper, print and more.

Signs & Graphics

 Since we are advertising regularly, we would love for all of us to keep a uniform identity to piggy back on our efforts and enjoy the spoils of brand recognition. We have all of our graphics available to our agents as needed as well as the freedom of customization..

National Health & Life Carrier Contracts

 Have have National  Health and Life Carrier contracts that allow our agents the opportunity to sell Nationwide.


To become part of our family, please download and fill out the forms below and email them to:



or mail your filled out forms to:


Sunshine Life and Health Advisors

7757 W Flagler St. Suite 210

Miami, FL33144


The menu bar to zoom in and out of the pdfs and download the pdf’s will be at the bottom left once opened.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding becoming an agent.

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