Adversity and opportunity

Adversity and opportunity

Throughout the years, history has taught us that it is precisely catastrophic events that have driven the great transformations of humanity. There are reasons to be optimistic, to find hope even when the world has not emerged from this painful pandemic.

Many of us firmly believe that behind adversity there is always an opportunity. That is why, without a doubt, good things can emerge from the coronavirus crisis. This crisis came to take us out of our comfort zone, a very difficult step to achieve because people by nature resist change. But after witnessing and experiencing the repercussions of the coronavirus firsthand, we have had to adopt new ways

of doing things that, even before, we took for granted. The crisis reveals new needs that, with creativity and entrepreneurship, create opportunities for anyone to create and offer solutions to meet them.

In the context of companies, before covid-19 in the world it was difficult to bet on remote work 100%. Many other companies weren't even considering it in the future. The coronavirus came to accelerate in weeks which meant years to achieve full-time remote work.

During this pandemic, many companies have changed their system and now work from home.

Such is the case of Las Madrinas de los Seguros, as if they had had a crystal ball, since the beginning of 2019 they implemented a System that would allow them to work from home, as if they knew what was to come. After this crisis, many companies, especially small ones, switched to electronic commerce and some even had to rethink their business models. Those who have not yet done so can only find in transformation the key to survive and climb.

The crisis has brought people closer to the digital age in a time never imagined. Today to communicate with our loved ones, from children to the elderly, we have been pushed to adopt technology -videoconferences by FaceTime, Zoom, Live, among many other options. To survive, companies have been forced to accelerate their digital transformation. That is why it is necessary for our country to move towards the digitization of the economy, and one of the key factors to achieve this is the conversion to electronic government. The processes that until now require to be done in person must be facilitated to carry them out via the internet, thereby avoiding long lines and infection. It is not an enormously difficult task. Many institutions already have their data systems and it is only necessary to centralize them or enable real-time communication between them. The digitization driven by covid-19 is irreversible. If before we thought that digital transformation was an “extra”, from now on it will be a requirement to compete in the market and survive in the new era. To take advantage of the opportunities that this crisis brings, we must promote digital transformation in all sectors of society. People are ready, companies need it, and the present demands it.